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  • 97186 p1010723

    Title: Seminar Bible (NASB) and Notebook
    Description: Seminar Bible and Notebook. Includes a hardback cover N.A.S. (New American Standard) Bible and a binder with notebook pages for 28 Life Discovery Series' subjects, containing an outline with Bible texts and page numbers for the N.A.S. Bible. An excellent Biblical study of itself or a great tool in connection with the Life Discovery Series' DVD presentations. Requires separate purchase.

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  • 97196 p1010719

    Title: Seminar Bible (NASB)
    Description: The New American Standard Bible is one of most accurate English translations of the Scriptures. A conservative translation, it is an excellent translation in fluid, readable English. It is a red letter edition, in which all the words of Jesus are in red.

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  • 97201 p1010726

    Title: Seminar Notebook
    Description: A Life Discovery Series' binder with notes for all 28 Life Discovery Series' subjects. An in depth study of the Scriptures, the Bible student will find this an excellent tool in discovering the great themes of the Bible.

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  • 114948 evangelistic series

    Title: Seminar DVD Set with Bible and Notebook

    A complete package with the full Life Discovery Series' DVD set and seminar N.A.S. Bible and notebook (with full set of notes). Study the Scriptures with Pastor/Evangelist Jim Reinking as if you were there in person. Return policy for any defective item, provides for replacement.

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  • 114953 revival series

    Title: "Are We Almost There?" Revival/Reformation Series

    This is an album with three DVD's with six revival subjects, that are currently being shown on Three Angel's broadcasting network and Proclaim Network.  It emphasizes the revival and reformation that must take place among God's people before the coming of Jesus.  

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  • 114948 evangelistic series

    Title: Astonishing Revelations in Bible Prophecy' DVD Set

    This is the full set of 22 presentations as shown on 3ABN and Proclaim networks.  It comes in six cases. This Bible based series will not only be helpful in understanding the Bible, but into a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is the one who promised us an "abundant life."  The series will also show the relevancy of prophecy in the context of that relationship.  

    "We so appreciate you taking the time and giving of your energy to proclaim the gospel story.  I have personally been encouraged night by night as your sermons unfold and reveal the love of God for His children here on this earth.  Your series has been very meaningful and of great benefit to me personally..."  Dr. Mark Herscher

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    Title: The Truth about 666 and the Story of the Great Apostasy- by Edwin de Kock

    This penetrating 874 page volume explores the whole of the Christian era in regards to the evidence relating to the apostasy of the Christian church as predicted by Paul in Acts 20:28-30, II Timothy 4:3,4 and II Thessalonians 2:3,4ff.  It explores in depth the application of the Latin title Vicarius Filii Dei (Vicar of the Son of God) to the pope by some 100 Catholic sources and the calculation of it’s numerical value of “666” by nearly 70 Protestants and non-Protestants going all the way back to 1600.  This landmark book with it’s in-depth historical documentation is a vital volume for every sincere student of prophecy.  Comes with a computer CD with the contents of the book. 

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