1.  A Spiritual Gifts Seminar- The conference Personal Ministries director may be able to teach the seminar and help members discover and put to use their gifts.

2.  Discover Bible School-  Pastor Kurt Johnson, Voice of Prophecy evangelism coordinator and Discover Bible School director is willing to help set up an effective "Discover Bible School" and equip members to participate.

3.  Soup and Salvation-  Lay trainer and inspirational speaker, Rhonda Backman, will come four months before an evangelistic series to preach on Sabbath morning and recruit and organize the "Soup & Salvation" outreach program used by Mark Finley and his wife for years.  Those recruited will meet once a week for two hours for 3 months to devote to their outreach- Interest Visitation, Literature Distribution, Bible Studies, or Prayer Warriors.

4.  Community Programs-  (As part of sequential evangelism)  Programs like Dr. Neal Nedley's Depression Seminar, Creative Vegetarian Cooking Classes, CHIP (heart disease prevention), etc.  The conference health director can be helpful with some of these programs. 

5.  Operation Andrew-  Organizes the church to prayerfully invite friends, neighbors and family members to the evangelistic series. 


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